National FFA Week – Day 1

So it has finally arrived…FFA week. Its a little different due to the covid and all the restrictions but the meaning is the same. So what is all the hype about? What is this week all about?

Above is a little video that starts to show you what FFA week is all about, but there is more, lots more. This is a time for the local chapter to pull together. Each individual working towards a common goal. Each student having their own strengths and abilities to lend to the chapter to make the week the celebration it should be.

National FFA week brings light and attention to the causes important to the FFA as an organization. Each chapter is encouraged to have civic project during the week. North Clay’s chapter has a GREAT cause this year. You see, North Clay has one of their very own members that suffers from seizures. She is an AWESOME young lady with an amazing future. The seizures were a distraction during her daily life and will become a larger issue as she begins to become more independent, like attending college or trade school. She would benefit from a trained seizure dog. The North Clay chapter stepped up to the plate and in very short time raised every dime needed to secure a dog, all during a global pandemic. In addition, the extra funds raised are being donated to the facility that trains these dogs. North Clay FFA chapter is continuing to take donations for the Supporting Independence Through Teamwork dog training center.

I cannot be more proud of this group of students. If you feel inclined to help the cause, please contact me or the North Clay FFA Alumni here You can also read more about the dog there as well.

Stay tuned for more updates and info on National FFA Week!!!


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