2019, What A Year!

2019 started off calm and uneventful. Things began to change quickly starting in March! First, we acquired our 4H pigs, Beasley and Baxter. They were a fun addition to our family. Beasley was a Duroc and loved to have her belly rubbed. Baxter was a crossbred and he loved to push Beasley out of the way so he could get attention.

Next, we acquired chickens! We started out with 33 chickens. It is now December 31st and we have 19 and five of them are roosters! We have only named two of them. Loretta 1 and Loretta 2. They are both Red Rhode Islands and they refuse to roost in the chicken house. They have claimed their spot in the silver shed where we have to look for eggs in the hay and straw. They are fun to watch!

Then we brought the 4H goats home! Hoss and Little Joe were a challenge! The weather was so wet that we fought foot rot all spring and summer. And, their disposition was awful! They head butted, jumped, and tried to drag us every time we walked them. It made walking them quite an adventure!

During the spring we spent a lot of time at the baseball field watching our son play his senior year. We also spent a lot of time planning his Graduation Party and our parents’ 50th Anniversary Party which were only 2 weeks apart! Everything went off without a hitch!

Our summer was busy with getting animals ready for the fair and visiting with family and friends. And, although we have had a lot of change in our lives the past two years, I decided to check into a new job at my daughter’s school. I loved my current teaching position, but it would be so much easier if we were all on the same schedule and I didn’t have to drive in the opposite direction of everyone else!

I accepted the position the middle of July, we had the 4H fair the last week of July, Darin and I took a long overdue vacation to Punta Cana 2 weeks later, and I returned to start my new position 3 days later! Summer went fast! It has been a great transition and I am glad I made the move.

Our fall has been consumed by basketball with our daughter and harvest! Our oldest started college and a new job this fall and our middle child has been very involved with FFA!

December has been crazy as we finished basketball with a loss at state, finished our quarter at school and started the celebrations amid hospital visits! Our daughter had a hole in her heart that needed repaired. She is doing well and we are so thankful & blessed! There are many others at St. Louis Children’s Hospital that we left behind that are struggling with much bigger health issues and it broke our hearts.

So, what’s to come? I don’t know for sure. This upcoming year both my husband and I will turn 50! I have a bucket list for 2020 and beyond and I hope to start digging in to that bucket list and sharing our adventures! However, I know God ultimately has a plan for us and I pray for strength and courage to walk the path He lays out for us.

My you and yours have a fabulous 2020!


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