Phew! What’s that smell?

So, moving to the country has opened my eyes and my nose to different experiences. Some of them have been good and some of them have been not so good. The good experiences include beautiful sunrises, the smell of wildflowers, more family time, the smell of fresh overturned dirt (Yes, I am weird, but I love this smell along with fresh cut grass.)

Let me tell you about the not so good experiences or shall I say the smelly experiences. No, really, I mean smelly experiences. Some of you think that dirty socks are smelly or your teenage boys’ room is smelly, or garbage is smelly, but if you have not smelled cow poop or skunk up close and personal, you don’t know smelly!

Unfortunately, Darin and Dalton were bringing their coveralls and boots into the laundry room after they had done chores with the cows. You may think what’s wrong with that? However, it is unlikely that you can do chores without getting cow poop on your clothes! I could not pinpoint the smell but it made me gag everytime I walked into the house. Once, I figured out what it was, I immediately instructed them to leave these items in the garage because they smelled. They both said ,”It smells like money.” Let me just say, boys are dumb! I have smelled money and it does not smell like cow poop.

It gets better(Oops, I mean worse.)! Peyton has been trapping this winter. He traps for fur. The fur is then sold. He sets the traps to get raccoons and mink. However, other animals may get caught in these traps. What other animals you might ask? Skunk! Yes, skunk! We have all passed road kill skunk so we all know that it smells like! He decides to keep the fur on one of the skunks! This is a process of course to get rid of the smell. Needless to say, he was informed that this would be the only skunk fur from here on out!

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