Dancing, Cattle, and Football That’s What This Weekend Was Made Of…

Our weekend was jam packed. I spent Friday evening helping an amazing group of women decorate for the 1st Annual Daddy Daughter Dance. Four hours of pink, purple, stars and moons made for a gorgeous dance floor! Darin and Dalton spent the evening getting thing ready with our 4H families for the steer weigh in on Saturday morning. There was also some bottle babies that had to be fed.

Saturday morning was an early rise for Darin and Dalton as they had to head to Flora for the morning! The weigh in was a success and our dear friend Joni survived the ribbing from all then men as she was helping with marking the steers. She’s one tough cookie. Darin made sure he washed up the truck for his date with Brookie. In between the weigh in and the dance, Darin spent time working on our road with his tractor. They both cleaned up well for the dance!

Finally, it is Sunday! The Lord’s Day. Unfortunately, I had to attend church by myself. Brooke was feeling under the weather (too much dancing?). Dalton and Peyton had to check traps and Darin had to run an errand for the farm with his dad. I finished running errands in town and Darin made his world famous chili to prepare for the Super Bowl festivities. I made a pot of potato soup and we all settled in for some football and friends. Fun was had by all.


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